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Our first harvest

In November 2019 we finally made our first harvest. The most breathtaking experience in my life, after the birth of my 4 daughters.

Together with some local farmers who helped us harvest the olives during three consecutive hard working days, we spread the nets on the ground and we shook off and also hand picked the olives from the trees, filling many baskets. At the end of each day the filled up baskets were taken to the local Frantoio, where we grounded the olives to extract the oil from them. Another incredible experience to see all the local farmers or land owners meeting there all at the frantoio with their daily harvest, with hands and pants full of earth and joy, after such fulfilling day. A social experience. Each and everyone so enlightened and full of sense of accomplishment. The gratefulness to see the outcome of one year tenderly cared trees and land... and see the produce of the earth. Such a sense of LIFE, of LIVING. Of being alive. A sense of belonging. A sense of sharing experiences that make you feel you belong to a place and to its people too. Sharing common and collective experiences holds groups of people and communities. This is so good. In these moments we realize what triggers in us real awe and surprise and joy. In these moments we start to rethink and reprogram our mindsets.

Something that could bring me closer to the process of living nature and its transformation.

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