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The Dream

I always dreamt one day living in the countryside and having a plot of land and have my own produce. A land where I could plant my own crops, vegetables and herbs and take good care of them. To go outside, pick them up freshly and prepare a rich, colorful, healthy supper. From farm to table. For my family and friends.

Now that I'm a grown up, I've realized that dreams can come true. Yes. The first thing to have it come true is first and foremost, to have a dream. We must have a dream. You can dream it asleep and you can dream it awake. I've learned since the early childhood that everything is possible, as long as you dream with it. And trust in it. The process to achieving it is as much awesome as achieving it. Because we are in constant change, and it may literally last forever. And this will give you a sense of accomplishment and achievement and happiness that may help inspire others to pursue their own dream. And in no time we will have a land of dreamers and doers.

My dream came true in a moment I was looking for something more meaningful in life. I was looking for a way of living that could be more true to my beliefs, a more simple and healthy life. Closer to nature and in a place where life was still more primitive a little untouched by what we call progress. A place still true to its roots. And when I was less expecting it, there it was.

After seeing a picture of a fresh bunch of rosemary and a whole handful of freshly picked almonds an Italian friend sent me, I said, "This is my dream!" And so I ended up in the heart of the Valle D' Itria, to look for this emotion, at the very bottom of Italy's heel, in southern Italy. In Puglia. Once there, I realized that this was the place I was looking for. A place I could feel wind, rain, sun and stars all in the span of a 24-hour day, making me feel alive as I never had felt before. There I decided to build my shelter.

Meandering along the country sides, I finally found a valley with and semi demolished stone house, still with strong structure at the base. Built over a century ago and nested crookedly inside a beautiful plot of land with an extensive family of Olive trees. 400 of them; beautiful. All aligned in parallel rows, creating sun and shade patterns along the day, rooted in a red fertile gloomy earth. There I started my journey. ULIVINO I called it.

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